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Avoid these 10 attitudes if you want to succeed

  1. Reading too much self-help books and watching motivational videos, following social media influencers blindly.
  2. Playing safe way in the game of life.
  3. Consider either achieving academic certificates or being college drop out is the only way for getting success in life. Both mindsets are detrimental for life.
  4. Chase passion, fame, money, opposite sex instead of maintaining discipline, regularity & punctuality in life.
  5. Giving more priority to relationship rather than career at turning point of career.
  6. Never dare to experiment in life.
  7. Following the crowd for choosing career.
  8. Setting unrealistic career goal.
  9. Uploading Instagram picture and updating facebook status or tweet continuously, watching Youtube videos, chatting in snapchat & What’s App at insurmountable amount of time.
  10. Last but not least, most of the people don’t have a strong goal or mission for life.

What is the Duty of Team Leaders ?

A team leader can solve various things, but he must be helped by many people.

He must be able to know the capabilities of each of his men, and also must be able to distribute tasks according to the abilities of each person in a team.

Therefore, a leader must be careful in distributing the tasks available before him. The point is, a leader will share the task, and the task must be shared in an effective way.

It is important for the leader to communicate the vision and goals he wants to achieve.

It is also very important for leaders to analyze the resources available in front of them.

A leader can position himself as an analyst, or someone who is in charge of recognizing the abilities of people per person.

In this way, he will be able to see weaknesses as well as strengths per individual who works under them. And in the same way, he will be able to distribute tasks according to certain burdens that can be handled by each subordinate.

At the same time, a leader must also be able to establish good communication between himself and his men. In other words, the leader as the task allocator is not only related to technical terms, but also with sensitivity to see the conditions that are walking around him.

Conceptually, the workflow of a leader in relation to the task allocator can be written as follows:

leader x (task + team member) = result.