Indonesia discovered a new type of frog

The original Indonesian frog added one more after Microhyla gadjahmadai appeared. The number of native Indonesian frogs recorded at this time is 407 species. This new type is published in the journal Treubia Vol. 45, December 2018. This discovery adds to the list of frog species found in Sumatra, especially from the Microhyla clan.

The discovery of this frog was carried out by Vestidhia Y. Atmaja, a Biology Faculty master program student, Gadjah Mada University with the guidance of a frog researcher at the Biology Research Center LIPI, Amir Hamidy. It was first collected by Amir Hamidy in Lampung and Bengkulu in 2010.

The next collection was conducted with Eric N. Smith from University of Texas Arlington, United States on a joint expedition in Sumatra between 2013-2015. At present the new type of frog Microhyla gadjahmadai reference collection is stored in Muzeum Zoologicum Bogoriense, West Java.

Now, in Indonesia there are 10 types of Microhyla genus, better known as “percil”. Most (6 species) are found in Sumatra. In general, this new type of frog is small in size, with an adult body length of less than 3 cm.

The discovery of a new type of frog originated from the discovery of frogs that looked like Microhyla achatina or percil Java in Lampung and Bengkulu. Based on previous records Microhyla achatina is only found in Java and Bali.

Morphologically Microhyla gadjahmadai can be distinguished from Microhyla achatina based on a faint black pattern that is short and short in the temporal part and the location of the nostrils which are located in the middle between the eye and the tip of the snout.

The spread of this new type of frog includes Bengkulu, Jambi, Lampung and South Sumatra at an altitude of around 700-1600 masl. The habitat where he lives is an area that has water sources such as areas near streams, ponds, rice fields, and community plantations.


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