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5 Philosophy of Lotus Flower that We Can Learn

Flowers are known as a symbol of the beauty of each plant, so it is not uncommon for philosophers or critical thinkers to be able to find various kinds of hidden meanings about plant life that we can learn.

One of them is a lotus flower. These plants with wide, floating green leaves are often found in ponds, swamps, or lakes. Water that is used as a lotus flower as a place to live is dirty, but it does not affect it to show its unique and beautiful flowers.

1. Even though it’s in a dirty environment, the lotus remains clean and shows its beauty.

Water and mud are very much needed by lotus to survive. Although the environment can be said to be dirty and odorless, but that situation does not prevent him from showing the beauty of the flower and keeping it clean.

This illustrates that humans actually still need each other, even though they are not good. But, that does not mean you have to follow and imitate the ugliness that people around him usually do.

2. His very short life reminds us that our life in the world is only for a moment.

The flowers are beautiful, unfortunately the lotus blooms in a very short time. There is a blooming night in the morning already withered, but there are also those who are able to survive for days, the petals start to release one by one.

In essence, humans also live in the world in a short time. The more we use the time of our lives as well as possible, then our time to live in the world feels faster and shorter. Only eternal afterlife.

3. Believing that being different from others is not a barrier to being the best.

Unlike other plants in general, lotus grows in different environments such as murky water and unpleasant smells. But lotus tries to cover it with wide leaves and beautiful flowers so that those who see it can focus more on its beauty, not the surrounding environment.

Likewise we, the family environment and the surrounding community that are different and despised by others because it is considered difficult to reach success is not a barrier to achieving the ideals, we can even scent our environment with the success and goodness that we have fought for.

4. Doing good without expecting a reply will get a more beautiful reward.

Just like sunflowers, lotus benefits many other creatures, for example protecting fish from the sun, making its leaves for insects and frogs to jump, and so on. Even though all he could see all day was a dirty place of life.

Because of his actions which always provide assistance, having a beautiful flower and being used as a precious flower by a group of humans is a form of reward for an amazing lotus.

5. The more insults and rantings of other people to us, the more opportunities we have for success.

Lotus also has a characteristic that distinguishes from other flowers, namely the more dirty the environment where the lotus flowers live, the higher the quality of the flowers that grow.

Indirectly, lotus teaches us to make insults and other people’s negative responses about us as motivations and reasons for never giving up reaching dreams, not just making it a burden to make us feel inferior and hopeless.

In The End

Those are some of the philosophical meanings of lotus flowers that we can contemplate together. It can be useful for anyone who reads it.